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Today’s the day Firefox 1.5 was released—download it at the link. It’s not my favorite Web browser for Mac, but it’s good app regardless of platform. (I forgot to add something more important than whether it’s a “good app” or not. And FYI, it’s my favorite Web browser for Windows. Anyway, what I neglected to mention was that with FF, you’ll see all the little touches to Hermits Rock that make it the Web site it is. You won’t see that stuff in IE. Not no way, not no how. Until IE changes, that is.)

On my plate in the next few days: review A Generous Orthodoxy in spite of the fact that I didn’t get the chance to finish it. I had it from the library, and since someone put it on reserve, I didn’t get passed past (The older I get, the worse I spell—but that’s better than smelling worse, I guess. ed.) the “Why I am Green” chapter. But I have a number of good impressions and (as usual) mediocre thoughts about it to share. In addition, some wishful thinking vis à vis what to do when family says, “You could always move back home…” Finally, the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday upheld an Iowa law that prevents sex offenders from living—well, just about anywhere in Iowa. This law’s been all the rage here lately, and I’d like to know what it’s all for, and what, if anything, it has to do with the Vatican’s “Now Better Defined” bans on homosexuals in the priesthood. Sex offenders (Blah! The term’s horrid, and it hardly means anything. Legally, does “rape” count as a sex offense that might keep one from living close to a school? What about consensual sex between two minors? Or, just two years ago before the Court struck down such laws, would “sodomy” be considered a “sex offense”? What if you renamed it “anal”?) are easy to beat up these days… Anyway, more on all these to come.

Somebody, after all, has to write something around here! :)



true someone´s gotta write something…and it seems that, in fact, you do exist for the sake of hermits.

but, now that my 102 fever abates, and once i’ve navigated the MA exams i will write something, i promise.

Since I can’t seem to exist for the sake of work…

102 deg? that’s horrendous. You’ve not been to class this week, then?

non sequitur

Today I saw somebody write, “Ann Coulter is the most scholarly of all the pundits out there today.”

As far as bars go, that one’s pretty low!

that’s like writing:

Oliver Stone is the most historically accurate, least politically motivated director in Hollywood.

or like writing:

HLMenken is one of the least pithy pundits of American English.

that’s like writing:

Geraldo was one of the most upstanding, well-respected journalists of the 80’s and 90’s.

No, no, it’s not like any of those things. You have to consider the group, too. It’s more like saying,

Ralph Reed is the most ethical of all Jack Abramoff’s friends.

or, Staphylococcus is the most successful flesh-eating bacteria there is.

or, John Edwards is the best medium on television.

See the difference?

that would be john edward…but now i´m just being nitpicky

how about

love actually is the cheesiest of Hugh Grant rolls?


Oh, yeah. John Edward.

It really annoys me that the bold first-line in comments won’t show in some browsers…