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Today is Scott’s confirmation, assuming there have been no interruptions this past month, so congratulations Scott for having found the Queen of England and the Archbishop of Canterbury and more importantly a home where you are welcomed, not only loved in the eyes of God, but also proclaimed by God’s lips, too.



so, now greg and i will fight over congratulating scott, because i was thinking precisely this in church this morning.

You have to think about it before church, or in lieu of it, to get in ahead of me.

i thought of it too. congrats, Scott.

Congratulations to Scott, wheree’r he is. Maybe now that he doesn’t have his nose buried in catechisms he’ll be around more often.

I suspect, though I do not know for a fact, that it’s a different sort of catechism—the last quarter of law school—that has kept him away.

That, or he hates us.

Congratulations as well. I thought awhile ago, “Gee, I think Scott’s getting confirmed as one of us whacky Episcoloopians [that would be my grandmother the agnostic’s term] sometime soon,” but I was in Utah at the actual time, and I am perpetually behind, so anyway, please accept my belated welcome. I hope you were not chased by crazed women with cameras, as happened after my confirmation.

Crazed women with cameras? Details, L?

Scott, your confirmation photo on your church’s Web site is totally cute.