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common place

this is now a hermit common place... i, alas, have not taken photographs.

but, now that i am moving from the city where i did my graduate work and found my first employ as professor, i decided i needed to digitize my archive.

suffice it to say that i have filled an entire blue recycle bin with photocopies from my graduate student days.

my goodness! the amount of stuff on the spanish inquisition that i have read and forgotten… all the psychoanalytic and trauma theory that washed over me and kept on rolling… and then the stuff that really meant a lot, at the time: bruneto latini’s manual for secretaries, capellanus’ de amore, schlegel’s dialogue on poetry.

my mind is a dark hole of forgotten information! it’s almost all digitized now and who knows if i will ever read it again.



Unfortunately, I’m running up against a wall: it is possible that I will lose access to my fancy superfast scanner before I finish my scans!

i had about a quarter done by a work study student this spring and have spent three days doing nothing but scanning.

i would’ve had the work study student do more, but i felt tremendously guilty making her do my grunt work… i know, i know, that’s what she was getting paid to do.