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Chocolate Jesus

Cosimo Cavallaro has sculpted a crucified Jesus out of 200 pounds of dark chocolate which will go on exhibition in New York next week through Easter. Cavallaro calls the sculpture “My Sweet Lord,” but his decision to make Jesus naked is not uncontroversial:

“It’s an all-out war on Christianity,” fumed Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. “They wouldn’t show a depiction of Martin Luther King Jr. with genitals exposed on Martin Luther King Day, and they wouldn’t show Muhammed depicted this way during Ramadan. It’s always Christians, and the timing is deliberate.” ...

“He’s not wearing any clothes at all,” said Debbie Charan, 40, of Queens. “Why would they want to do something like that?”

To which I say: enough with the prudery! Jesus wasn’t a eunuch! And am I the only one who sees the two real scandals in this? First, it’s dark chocolate, yet it’s titled “My Sweet Lord”! Bittersweet, come on? Second is the idea that a chocolate Jesus can hang in a New York art gallery without also having Tom Waits nearby, singing softly into a megaphone and tossing confetti in the air. From the Late Show, “Chocolate Jesus”:

Update: That was fast. No more chocolate Jesus.



shucks. now that I’m on home dialup, I can’t watch it.