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Carrot Survey

Do you peel carrots?



Only for Carrot Cake.

I peel carrots these days, although for many years I didn’t. Of course, in the years I didn’t peel carrots, I had access to better carrots than I can buy now. Perhaps if my garden does well this summer I’ll return to not peeling.

No. I can barely be persuaded to wash them.

Our kids eat tons of them so we buy the little peeled baby ones. In the rare moments I have an actual grown-up one in my hand, I peel it b/c that’s what my mom always did. That last bit sounds perhaps more amenable to Freudian interpretation than it needs to.

3: But the dirt!

We buy peeled baby carrots to snack on, but I have never peeled carrots, not when eating them raw nor when preparing them to be cooked, unless the recipe specifically asks for it.

Now, as to why I ask…

Okay, okay…Since I’m sure everyone’s dying to know what brought on this carrot survey…FYI, I explain myself by co-opting Chris’s explanation…Um, it’s what my mom always did!

(While preparing yellow split-pea soup for dinner):

K: Um, these carrots look dirty…Did you peel them?

G: Uh, why would I do that?!

K: Um, because that’s what everyone does?

G: What?! Who does?! Nobody I’ve ever heard of!

K: WHAT?! Are you trying to drive me insane?! Of course they do!!



(After googling brings ambiguous results)



That about sums it up. Soup was homey and lovely, perfect for a rainy, chilly day. And the carrots looked pretty in it.

How did spouses settle their spats before Google and blog surveys?

@5a: I’m not worried about the dirt. Carrots are made of dirt. It’s all just a scare campaign dreamed up by Big Tapwater to drum up business.

Now what I find fascinating is that you’ve managed to be married for so long without ever running into this carrot issue before.

I know! The things you can still learn about a person after 7 years…I chalk it up to the fact that we’ve never had much of a habit of cooking together (unfortunately). Our usual division-of-labor plans don’t allow for that. It’s fun, though, especially when it doesn’t lead to blow-ups over dingy-looking carrots…

I peel them when I know that T or E are going to eat them. Otherwise, I wash them well and eat them unpeeled.

I know, I’m late to the survey… been traveling quite a bit and finding some really cool houses to buy, should our house in Hotlanta sell… oh please, please, please sell.

Good luck selling the house, BG…Beware becoming one of the stubborn ones!