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Brush Your Shoulders Off

BHO threw down! (Then he asked me for money.)

And John McCain was all, “Nuh-uh, biatch!



Ladies is pimps, too.

And niggaz is crazy.

Speaking of, how much more clear could McCain be that he wants the power of the office of President than that he found the most antiCheney veep he could find in Palin?

I’m sort of dumbfounded by the choice. It seems so transparently stupid to me, I just can’t imagine how anyone thought it was a good idea.

I don’t know if the media are too polite, too dumb, or just slow on the draw, but I haven’t read anyone point out yet that McCain is at the age where a sudden death or catastrophic downturn in health wouldn’t particularly surprise anyone. There’s a pretty good chance if McCain is elected she’ll actually end up being president of the United States of America. That absolutely horrifies me, and I can’t be the only one.

The more I read, the more I realize how deep in the pocket of The Weekly Standard McCain is. Sure, he was one of the first supporters of PNAC; but man, all evidence is that the influence runs very, very deep.

Is that the right link? I’m not sure I see the connection.

It’s the right link, but I wasn’t drawing the connection well. Basically, I mean it like this: Kristol says x would be the right choice, and eventually, McCain somehow decides x is the right choice after all!

o i c. Your connection drawing is fine, I’m just dense.

JH, I really, really, really hope you’re right.

talk about over analyzing a

oh, and it could be because of the following reasons:

she’s hott
she’s smart
she’s a governor out of the beltway
she’s hott
she’s a mom
she’s a hott mom who carries a gun
she’s was a sports caster, of sorts
she’s a “reformer”
she’s a woman
she’s hott (indeed, i’ve already seen on some blog, to which i won’t like, a picture of her walking against the wind and comments about her physique)
she’s a hott, gun toting, pro-lifer
she played basketball
she’s apparently a good orator
she’s a hott, apparently good orator
she’s got a kid with downsyndrome, which she did not abort because God gave it to her (though, in God’s defense, she did decide to have her fifth child at an age that exponentially increases the possibility of downs)
and, someone on that blog list that i did link to, firmly believes that her having been mayor of wasilla and governor of alaska makes her more qualified than obama.

is mccain still trying to get the disgruntled woman vote?

will a mother of five, whose youngest is 2 and has downs really be the kind of adviser that the modern veep has been for the last 30 years?

if, indeed, as suggested in the above link that kristol is not so much of a visionary and more of a talking statue, mccain is pretty much following standard bush media tactics (at least according to mcclelan) of leaking things of import to fox news. ari fleisher, of course, would disagree. (or at least, the ari fleisher teri gross interview portrayed bush as keeping a tight ship, whereas the the teri gross mcclelan interview portrayed bush as one who liked to use fox to float ideas)

I hope so too Laura. The immediate reaction from the mainstream media and blogs (and especially the commenters at Elrod’s blog – Christ on a crutch!) is not encouraging. It’s exhibit A in the case that political culture in the US is probably more brain-dead and vapid than that in any other developed country.

Meanwhile, in the British press, Tomasky points out the obvious.

Ugh, ugh. What bothers me so much is how cynical this all is. “There’s a woman on our ticket now! Now more women will vote for us!” “We did this the day after Obama’s speech, we won the ‘news cycle’”

As though the American people are fruit flies and can’t remember something they just watched less than 24 hours ago, or can’t hold more than one thought in their head at once.

i think biden’s just as hott.

I wonder if any of you happened to be listening to the NPR coverage of the rally introducing Palin yesterday…Linda Werthheimer was beside herself about how stupid a choice it was…Haven’t heard any more such thoughts since then…

It seems that the brilliant move was to hijack the Democrats’ “making history” theme. They knew the media would focus on that angle, and so far, they have.

he’s not as hott as beau!!!

Beau! He spoke at the Johnson County Democrats’ Barbecue in Joe’s place last fall…He is indeed one hott state attorney general.