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Barack Obama’s Hidden Agenda

At the end of May, the Obama campaign released a report about Barack Obama’s health. Obama’s doctor David Scheiner said the candidate was “in excellent health.” But new evidence has arisen to suggest otherwise.

It was diligent American campaign reporters who first noticed that in the midst of a three-workout day, Barack Obama didn’t sweat. That report has now been independently confirmed by Judith Bonesky:

“I’m Barack Obama, nice to meet you!” he says, and puts his arm across my shoulder. I put my arm around his hip—wow, he didn’t even sweat!

Obama’s sweatlessness raises an important question: Does Barack Hussein Obama have ectodermal dysplasias? According to the disorder’s “About” page, the disorder may be informing his anti-American policies on global warming:

Many individuals affected by ED syndromes cannot perspire. Their sweat glands may function abnormally or may not have developed at all. Without normal sweat production, the body cannot regulate temperature properly. Therefore, overheating is a common problem, especially during hot weather. Access to cool environments is important. (My emphasis)

If it is true that “access to cool environments is important” for Obama, then it is clear he cannot be trusted to maintain an unbiased perspective when evaluating environmental policy. Even if Obama does not have ectodermal dysplasias, can a man who does not sweat really be trusted to run the country?

Only you can decide that.