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All Queen, all the time

It wasn’t enough that American Idol made this a Queen theme week and submitted us to the likes of Bucky (So long redneck! We hardly knew thee…) singing a gravelly “Fat Bottom Girls” and Ace’s horrific “We Will Rock You,” which sounded like high school without the gym, basketball team, or talented singers.

(Elliot should’ve been booted before Bucky for being boring and having a godawful goatee. I give Ace one more weeks of pretty boy survival. K thinks Taylor’s a goner every week, but he’s got a nice lounge act goofiness that is at least entertaining; he’s good for the top 5. Kellie and Katherine aren’t really distinguishable but I give Kellie the edge, despite her name spelling. One or the other, but not both, will survive to the top 4. Paris and Chris are the powerhouses who should deliver until the final week, but America is fickle and will probably kick Paris out too soon.)

More than that, this morning I learned that the Flaming Lips (who were on Austin City Limits Friday night singing a sublime “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”), at every concert, lead the audience in “Bohemian Rhapsody” karaoke. How cool is that?



yeah, somebody’s jonesing for their cable box if you’ve stooped to american idol-gazing

oh, you have nooooo idea.

Today at work I made K blush. We were talking about what will happen to the voting now that Bucky’s gone. I maintain that Bucky was Ace’s, well, ace in the hole. Bucky fans would naturally gravitate away from Ace, whose demeanor is Bucky antithesis. Now that they cannot vote for Ace, they will turn their votes… to anyone but Ace. This all turns on the question of relative sexiness (or not), and K thought I was talking too loud about the forms of sexiness that Ace vs. Bucky embody. She was embarrassed! I’m chagrined… sort of. But mostly, I wish to maintain the right to talk about Bucky’s sexiness anytime I want. Down with prudery!