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Keep your lamps burning a little longer and leaner, ladies—the Feds are payin’ to keep the bridegroom out few years more!

(via Becks)



Age 29?!?

Sweet, ain’t it?

If you call abstaining at age 29 sweet, then, yes!

I call that torture, actually, even for the stone hearted and devout.

What’s sweet is the grant moneys that are now available come for all the well-meaning folk who want to startup programs for the late-twentysomethings who have really been waiting so earnestly for a program to show them how to continue on…

I suspect it’s just more largesse for the Christian Right, rather than a response to any perceived need.

My favorite bit is this line: “All we did in our announcement was say if you want to target this age group it’s permissive.” I’m so glad my tax dollars are going to support grammatical permissiveness.