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a sight for sore eyes



You know what’s weird about this? The tablet in the real statue doesn’t mean the same as the tablets do here. All that’s written on it is “July 4, 1776,” though the numbers are in roman numerals. Unlike the torch, it’s a metonym (for the Revolution), not a symbol. In this… thing, in contrast, it’s a symbol.

Well, that's not the only thing weird about it, but it's something, anyway.

Oh good lawd, I was asking myself today at lunch why it is that I miss home, when I can clearly remember being miserable when I was there.

This kind of godawful stuff reminds me so powerfully why I wanted to leave in the first place.

are you sure your initials aren’t HJ?

Who does that mean? J? I’d stick around and try to unpack that but I have been sent to the grocery store to buy commodities by B. She thinks just because her toe is broke (foot-loose fat woman in stilletos on the dance floor last night) she can order me around.

It means Henry James.

Condolences to B. And I’m glad to see that, though you complain, you do as she says anyway: that’s the way it works!

Oh that HJ…one of these days I’ll have to learn something substantial about him, though from what I know he seems more an anglophile, whereas I just really hate southern-fried evangelico-nationalism.

James I like a lot, though to date I still haven’t finished The Portrait of a Lady. Bah!

Dr. L would always say that James was an author for intellectuals… I wonder what it means that you still haven’t finished PL, yet profess a like of Henry?

It probably means that it was fate that I would only finish half my PhD!

In my defense, while it’s well written and engaging, it also develops slowly, and both times I’ve attempted reading it, midreading I simply must devote a lot of attention to something else—first year of graduate school and a big job interview, respectively.

PS. I censored the professor’s name.