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A Contest

Find the best video on GodTube. Go!



I couldn’t find this on GodTube, but holy crap… it’s hilarious. Possibly the best YouTube clip I’ve seen all day.

I didn’t know Germans were so girly!

(I include these Germans in my blanket statement, btw.)


The videos at GodTube, 1, or 3? Because YouTube has conditioned me not to read comments on videos, so you know.

The Godtube ones. The comments at Youtube I assume to be typed by random keystroke generators or monkeys, so, like you, I never read them anymore.

But read the ones on Godtube. They’re mystical.

what does jive turkey mean?


Eloise clearly blew her line on foshizzle. (She said fosheezee.) The one on the kayak is awesome, tho.

yeah, i know foshizzle, though i didn’t jive turkey.

there was one i saw yesterday about proper comportment in church… these things are so amazingly insular and utterly stupid

I’ll have to go searching for it, but there is one video by a dude hating on John McCain with a tablet of paper and a vengeance. It was great stuff.

Color me somewhat surprised, but—based on a cursory look—their front-page candidate videos are generally fair. Which is to say that they are made by the campaigns, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Better that than assuming their viewers only have eyes for doctrine.

how to fit into almost any church

youth ministers, i presume he is, are goobers