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Sorkin & Unions




Because I’ve now responded to the question twice (and both times I’ve bitten my tongue and not called the questioner a racist asshole), I suspect you’re probably hearing it too. If you would like to respond, then feel free to use my answer. Moreover, feel free to adopt it as your own, recycle it, condense it, elaborate on it, spread it to the ends of the Intarwebs. Truth is worth spreading.

Flood 2

The Surge™ Is Working

The last quarter of Rosen’s article addresses Iraq’s current security situation.


Nir Rosen’s reporting from Damascus about the Iraqi refugee crisis got me wondering: What are the consequences of the Iraqi diaspora outside of the Middle East?

More from the Picket Line

Those writers? They’ve got good chants.

The Kohler Strike’s Struck

I do hope Kohler will do right by its returning employees by allowing them to return.

Greetings from Corporate America!

It remains to be seen whether management will relent from the extraordinary pressure put upon it by the signs, whether management will find some way to punish the sign makers for their insolence, or whether Scott Adams will find the story just infuriating enough that he writes it into a Dilbert strip.

JRB noticed that Iowa’s got a wise judge in Robert Hanson.

How great it is that the mistakes of the past have passed, progress has taken hold, and the exploitation of workers has become a thing of the past is only slightly better than it was!

It’s been a month since I praised The Daily Citizen for its spate of coverage in April of the strike at the Kohler factory in Searcy, Arkansas, which also means it’s been a month since the NLRB and settled the union’s charges against the company.

Fingers Crossed

K is flying home late tonight, and if things go bad, might have to stay another night in O’Hare.

The Daily Citizen Finds Its Voice

It wasn’t long ago that I criticized the paper’s lack of coverage of the strike, but Warren Watkins’ work since has been of good service.


A lament to the early news that 31 people were killed today at Virginia Tech University.

Kohler, Novels, Politics, and You

I’d entreat you to be witty in reply, but since I’ve already consigned you to the realm of uninteresting, I’ll just entreat you to reply.

100 Days

The strike at the Kohler plant in Searcy, Arkansas has hit 100 days, and according to the Daily Citizen, a complaint to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has been filed by the union.


The Kohler plant in Searcy, Arkansas is threatening scabs.


I’ve always thought St. Paul’s claim in Romans 5.7 enigmatic, but now it makes a little more sense: he turns the act “to die for,” which to Rome was an act that was meaningful only insofar as it was political, away from the political and toward the private—that is, goodness.

Andy Stern

We saw Andy Stern last night.

My “Do you want the terrorists to win” score.

One manifestation of worry

Vivid dreams and a bypass surgery.

On personal symbols

Swimmers are banned from this thread.