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Temple Grandin


Couples Group Therapy

Laurie Abraham’s portrait of couples group therapy for the New York Times Magazine is riveting.


Wednesday the sheriff’s department discovered an animal hoarder in Solon, 10 miles from here.

Via Mind Hacks, this spinning silhouette can appear to spin both clockwise and counterclockwise.

On a whim this morning, I used one of those pore-cleaning strips on my nose. Plus…

The interpretation of dreams

This was the second Camp dream I’ve had in a month.

Save the Children

Living in a state with one of the most draconian sex-offender laws in the country, it’s not difficult to see the effects of fear on parents, but not being a parent myself, it is difficult to recognize how continuous that fear happens to be. In a world where invisible sex offenders are, like Boo Radley, masturbating hiding behind every tree, Hawk’s accusations against Greenberg make sense.

Are you mannish enough?

Hermits and hangers-on, what are you waiting for? Take the test!