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On Settling

I eschew your sexuality, too

A blow to the sexual purists!

happy thanksgiving

I'm picking up Arendt again

I’m regretting more and more that I allowed The Human Condition to slide.

kingdom come pt1

I had hoped to get through this in a week or so. But school has started… and I’ve got articles to write. As I read it, I will comment on it. I was hoping to write a review of it, but alas, at the end, I might do so. Still, I didn’t get to it in time to be featured on stoned-campbell

Fashionista, Arise!

Never again will I buy anything from Eddie Bauer.

el condor pasa...

a curious little list of readings about Perú... more curious than interesting… more curious than informative…. that is a sampling of my lack of knoewledge.


In which I offer up a list of links in lieu of anything better to say.

to feel ignorance

reach out and touch the ignorance

faulkner through the looking-glass

he’s freakin’ faulkner through the exotic looking-glass.