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Witness to History

Alexander Hamilton

Empire’s Long, Stained Fingers

Norman Mailer

My copy of Norman Mailer’s Cannibals and Christians came from my grandfather’s bookshelf.

The Conscience of a Liberal

According to Michael Tomasky’s review of Krugman’s The Conscience of a Liberal, Paul Krugman is claiming partisanship is the only way forward for progressive politics.

The Day Jesus Didn’t Come

One hundred and sixty-three years ago today, William Miller and the soon-to-be Seventh Day Adventists were really disappointed.

Betsy Ross

Creating a Digital Archive

In my ongoing effort to diminish my physical footprint on this world, I’m poised to scan every handwritten note I ever took in college and graduate school.

How great it is that the mistakes of the past have passed, progress has taken hold, and the exploitation of workers has become a thing of the past is only slightly better than it was!

Arthur Miller

In Vanity Fair Suzanna Andrews recounts the history of Arthur Miller’s son, whom he abandoned to an institution as an infant because he had down syndrome.

“Yes, that’s it!”

Curious about what might be there, last night I searched YouTube for the Carter Family and other early country acts.

The Public Good

I don’t know why, perhaps due to my reading of Wood alongside a few things happening at work, but I began to wonder today what a nation would look like if it were structured and had similar goals to a modern corporation.

July 4, 1805

A passage from the journal of Meriwether Lewis, written at camp at the top of the Corps of Discovery’s portage around the Great Falls of the Missouri.

A habit of thinking

Mt. Hope Cemetery

Rochester is home to the first municipal cemetery in the U.S., Mt. Hope Cemtery, where Anthony, Frederick Douglass, and many other persons are buried. We wandered the cemetery widely and still saw very little.