Hermits Rock

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Queues, etc.


Feeding Christian Bale

I call for a moratorium on starving Christian Bale.

Sweeney Todd

We first saw Sweeney Todd in Toledo.


The Golden Compass


Daniel Day-Lewis

Lynn Hirschberg has a fascinating portrait of Daniel Day-Lewis in last week’s New York Times Magazine.

Michael Clayton

Sweet Land

Go rent Sweet Land.

Confluence of two cultural moments this week: First, while watching the reruns from last season’s Smallville and Supernatural on Thursday, I realized that both shows ended on a plot that featured soldiers who had recently been in war. Second, 3:10 to Yuma.

Order of the Phoenix

Don’t be surprised if I change my mind”:article/revaluing-harry-potter-c, but I found Order of the Phoenix—like the novel—better than middling, but not that good.