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Experts are for Chumps

common place


Today, Dracula made the first move toward securing Jonathan Harker to teach in the local community college. Mr. Harker has dreamed colorful dreams of working for the Count, so congratulations are in order!

I was reminded tonight of an assignment in a class I took (with Shaun, as I remember; BG will remember it, too) that went like this: Either write an essay about some aspect of the history of language, or take a short course in Esperanto.

No longer is it enough to require your preteen to write three drafts of her her college entrance essays before she goes out to the mall. If you want her to get into Harvard, she better be reading by ten—months, that is.

how many syllabi

If You Were an English Major

Help Improve Mississippi Schools

Searching for good restaurants in Jackson, MS.

mutiny on the bounty?

the professor wonders if his antics will alienate his students


The material leftovers of graduate school will eventually decay.

Summer Reading Group

The plan.

things i try to avoid

Gambling our Education Away

La insula de California

Is CoC Education little more than a Pipe-Dream, as in those perfect waves that form on the Occidental littoral of this nation?