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30 more bucks

Amt. Produce
3 onions
2½ lbs tomatoes
3 lbs potatoes
1 small melon
1 large cantaloupe
1 ginormous watermelon
1 head cabbage
1 head lettuce
1 bag basil
5 squash


You say basil; I say pesto!

Also, ginormous s/b hugantic (courtesy of E, K’s mum).

Indeed, pesto will be made…

though, I just now looked at the pine nuts that I bought at my local large chain grocery store, as they don’t grow pine nuts in the mountains of north georgia, and they are, quelle suprise, a product of china. who knew that even nuts are china grown!

though i do not miss shelling them, i do miss the pine nuts that my in-loves got me from new mexico when they were there a few years ago. t thought me crazy to crack them… i just though deeelishesest pine nuts i’ve ever et

We bought pinenuts at our store (unsalted, thankfully) recently; they were expensive! I didn’t check where from they came, though.

I tend to leave pine nuts out of pesto because of the expense. I suppose that makes it not really pesto, but to my degraded tastebuds it tastes good.

I did follow your advice re: apricots, cooking them in some orange juice (not from concentrate, though also not from oranges), sugar, and brandy, as I had none of the recommended forms of booze. I put them on top of this custard, which was quite good (and a heck of a lot easier than the whole water bath in the oven thing—and also didn’t heat up the house). I made my custard in individual ramekins rather than in a big dish as the recipe recommends, but it worked out okay. I ate two last night and one for a snack today, and I’m planning on another one later this evening.

glad it was good… i shoulda said

the juice of an orange or two… :)

yeah, i typically make my pesto with walnuts, slightly less expensive and the nuts have many more uses…

but, i couldn’t resist the pine nuts this time