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Welcome to the Links page for Hermits Rock, which requires a little explanation, perhaps. One day we’ll organize it a little more neatly; for now, it is a list of Web sites organized in rough alphabetical order. They are sites we have found useful, interesting, fascinating, unique, or, at some point in each of our browsing histories, were taken by. Sometimes our friends appear here, sometimes our infatuations, sometimes our intrigues, sometimes our awe. In other words, it is a compendium of our Web, a Cabinet of Curiosity, an encyclopedia.

These Web sites also appear, in order of their listing, on the sidebar, but they get cycled from there to here as we add more sites to the list. If you are looking for a history of the Article links (also on the sidebar), for now it can be found at the Hermits Rock del.icio.us page.

If you have been directed here by some search engine or other, you should find the link you like with a simple text search in your broswer (CTRL + F, or Edit|Find in the menu bar).