Hermits Rock

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The number of RSS subscribers to the site doubled on Wednesday and rose even more today. I attribute the attention entirely to Chris’s impending vasectomy. I dare you to prove me wrong, Internet.



My subscriptions are up too; every day I have at least 10-12 spammers attempt to register as users.

For some reason, they seem think that the two chief interests of my readers are Viagra and barnyard porn.

Hmm. I hadn’t thought about spammers; but then, I can’t really tell who any of them happen to be.

There have been some particularly thorough attacks going down lately, though. The Iowa Ornithologist’s Union has been knocked off the Web several times in the last month.

for the record, i have not committed to a vasectomy. however, i have recently seen mb sharpening various items of cutlery.

Good for mb. Mr. Sheetrock had a vasectomy some years ago. I am all in favor of them.