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Workplace Wikiing

Curious, and not a little hopeful that I might find something (relatively) salacious, I looked up on the Wikipedia scanner what articles had been edited from my workplace. Perhaps, I thought, I’d discover there’s a bit more fire under the hood than I’ve given it credit for—a turbo charger, maybe. No such luck: only one page relevant to the company was edited from inside its walls, and the sections edited were of minor consequence, such as naming the company’s services. (There is a slight against its primary competitor, but I think that was original to the page.) My coworkers, in other words, are boring. Also: nerdy! Here’s a selection of what they’ve edited:

Wikipedia Page Number of Times Edited, etc.
Harry Connick Jr.. 13
List of Dr. Who Planets 1 (a typo was fixed)
List of people from Maryland 2
Boy Scouts of America pages (1, 2) 12
The Jetsons 1
Edits to pages that hate on Windows a lot
Super Nintendo Entertainment System 1
Nintendo 64 1: “anybody who describes Blast Corps as ‘Good’ violates NPOV. If a game gets bad reviews and doesn’t sell well, it is neither ‘exceptional’ nor ‘popular’” was added
Fictional Chemical Substances, A–M 7
Henry IV, Part I 1 (spelling error)
List of Characters from How I Met Your Mother 1
Loch Ness Monster 1
:Gregor Samsa 2
Gerhard Frey 1
Iowa-related pages (1, 2, 3, 4) 6

Count me disappointed.