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word of the day—allobrogical


a. Obs. [f. L. Allobrogic-us of the Allobroges + -al1. ] An epithet applied in 17th c. to Presbyterians or Calvinists, in allusion to the fact that Geneva was anciently a town of the Allobroges.

As in this defense by Meric Casaubon, the son of Isaac Casaubon.

that this your admired Pamphlet, this your Allobrogicall Dormouse indeed, came stealing out in a corner by owle-light, (no good signe of a Sincere Booke) and was Printed in French three years before M. Isaac Casaubon was borne.”
The vindication or defense of Isaac Casaubon against those imposters that lately published an impious and unlearned pamphlet, intituled The Originall of Idolatrie, etc., under his name (London, 1624)

The impostor in question was a one Abraham Darcie.

The Dormouse of which he speaks is a kind of rodent noted for its hibernatorial capacities. It is also a sleeping or a dozing person, or an adjective that describes somethign dormant.