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Roland Martin, writing for CNN.com:

When you have the children of elected officials putting pressure on their parents (Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill is one example.) to support this guy, you know he is touching people in a place others haven’t in 40 years. (My emphasis)



but I can’t seem to find it online.

That doesn’t mean you can’t quote it!

In due time! I can’t remember what it was. I just thought, “I should put that on the blog,” but then I didn’t, and now all it’s all I can do to pass on CNN’s insinuations that Barack Obama is a pervert.

my question to you greg, is why are you so misogynist? why can’t you let women have their chance? why do you turn it all into a racial thing, at the expense of gender discrimination?

That is three questions.

that’s a very clintonesque response!

later today i go vote…

I will be disappointed if you vote for McCain.

i’ve voted and allowed myself to be fondled… which doesn’t bother me, really.

i wonder though if it should bother me that my wife was touched too. i didn’t think she would be and she was more conflicted than.

had hillary not been a clinton, i would’ve been much more conflicted.