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What You Don’t Know…

And FWIW, here’s the story:

  1. Your penis does have a mind of its own
  2. Your penis may be a “grower” or a “show-er”
  3. Your penis is shaped like a boomerang
  4. You can break your penis
  5. Most penises in the world are uncut


The WebMD story mentions a French researcher who took MRIs of copulating couples. FYI, the paper from that study is online.

It’s really amazing that they managed to get approval to do that study. It would never even occur to me that it may be possible for two people to go in an MRI at once, let alone have sex. Also, I’d be worried that participants in other experiments would start getting a little grossed out over the possibility that they were in the Motel 6 MRI.

You don’t think the researchers would tell people, do you? “Oui, madame! Just yesterday we used this baby to take pictures of the sexy! Oh, looks like we forgot to clean up! No matter. If you could just lie down here…”

That seems unlikely!

Then there is this:

Our search started in 1991 when one of us (PvA) saw a black and white slide of a midsagittal magnetic resonance image of the mouth and throat of a professional singer who was singing “aaa.” He remembered Leonardo’s drawing and wondered whether it would be possible to take such an image of human coitus. We decided to try, as an ad hoc “instrument-oriented” study, despite the unscientific and other irrelevant reactions we expected and received: honi soit, qui mal y pense.

Speaking of the participants, don’t you just want to know more about this couple?

Only the first couple was able to perform coitus adequately without sildenafil (experiments 1 and 2). The reason might be that they were the only participants in the real sense: involved in the research right from the beginning because of their scientific curiosity, knowledge of the body, and artistic commitment. And as amateur street acrobats they are trained and used to performing under stress.

I think the research was carried out in the Netherlands…(checks link again)…yes, in fact, the researchers were Dutch too, WHENCE COMES THIS PARIS TALK?

I wouldn’t guess that they would tell them, but were I a steward of the equipment I would be worried that the publicity these studies receive might put people off participating in future experiments.

The French came from the WebMD article that mentioned a “French researcher.” (I hadn’t read the study very closely when I wrote 3.)

A journalist writing up a story on a scientific article didn’t read/badly misunderstood the article? This is unprecedented! And outrrrrageous!

bad french is greg’s sexy language

No, a bad French accent is my sexy language. There is a difference!