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What 30 bucks will buy you...

So, I picked up my box… but the people didn’t stay around for me to pay them… I guess I will hafta mail it in.

1 Cantaloupe
6 large ears of corn
1 bag of fresh corn meal
1 large bag of basil
1 small bag of purple string beans
5 small tomatoes
1 bag of new potatoes
5 onions
5 zucchini

I was worried we’d get a head of cabbage… only because we have one.

I was hoping we’d get more beets, only to have the greens, really.


The other day in the car. E was kicking the back of my seat, T was driving. She was yelling, “Back up! Back up! Move the chair!”

I turned around and told her sternly, “E! You need to change your tone!”

She then said quietly, “Back up.”

Which was quickly followed by the statement:

I don’t wanna give tone



When you do eventually pay, are you also paying for delivery? If not, that’s steep compared to a trip to the farmer’s market.

well, they do bring it in to town… but it does seem high. last year there was a lot more produce, it seems, judging from what friends have said. the drought has hit them pretty hard.

but, it does seem pricey. actually, i need to find out if it is 30 or 25.

K reminded me that our farmer’s market isn’t really that much cheaper than this. We don’t get cantaloupe at all; all the rest would cost us $2-3, sometimes more, which quickly adds up. We often buy bread there, too, and sometimes coffee, so to spend $20 isn’t unusual. Rarely $30, but then we don’t get delivery, either, and we’re not feeding a smack-talking daughter.

I skipped swimming last night to go to the farmer’s market in Cody. By the time I got there, they had apricots, rhubarb, and baked goods. There may have been more before, but I doubt there was a lot more. I did get some apricots. (Anyone have a brilliant apricot recipe? I could just eat them raw, of course.) It did make me long a bit for the IC farmer’s market, or any such market in a more temperate and wetter climate.

I like to boil for about 5 minutes, or so, apricots in the juice of one or two oranges, sugar to taste, 1/4 or less a cup of white wine, rum, or whiskey, depending on the strength of the alky. Then I use this in multiple ways.

put it in ice cream (preferably a sweet cream recipe).

drizzle it over zabaione (sabayon or zabaglione, same egg-based custard).

or whip it into whipping cream (1/2 teaspoon vanilla, 1-2 tablespoons sugar depending).

with that last concoction candied walnuts go really nicely. handful of walnuts, enough sugar (i like a mixture of brown and granulates) to coat the walnuts and toast over a medium-low flame in a skillet till sugar melts and walnuts coated. this also toasts the walnuts.

add a scoop of your whip cream apricots to a demitasse, or ramekin, or small bowl, top with candied/toasted walnuts.

another thing i like to do, and haven’t in a long while…

take that apricot sauce, add a tablespoon or two of redwine vinegar (it depends on how much sauce and on how vinegary you like things); add another tablespoon or two of sugar; add a tablespoon or two of water; add two or three mashed up chipotle peppers (they come in a can in the “mexican” section of many stores); cook that down till it’s almost nice and sticky… (make sure it’s more of a simmer than a rolling boil, you don’t want to make candy, and you do want the sauce to still be somewhat runny; you want to be able to pour it over a wedge of brie and a good bit of it stick to the cheese rather than run all off the sides). pour it over a wedge of brie in an oven proof plate/dish. then, pop the brie in the oven to get it nice and warm and gooey. spread over bread with people you like who like brie and it’s pretty close to one of the best little apps ever.

so, i went to pay the people, at the other saturday drop-off…

they gave me another melon and 3 lbs of tomatoes… i coulda taken more tomatoes, had i been greedy, as the lady said… be greedy, take as many tomatoes as you want

Because if you don’t, the tomatoes will just go bad, right?

or fed to the pigs…


Those of us who haven’t yet evolved beyond our speciesism think… oh, yummy, meat that’s been raised on an assortment of vegetables and not just corn