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Welcome to the new Hermits Rock! You can see we’re very different than we used to be. The biggest change is in how we are published. We’ve migrated from Blogger to Textpattern. This allows us to do more, more directly than we used. For example, if you look to your right, you’ll see a column, a menu, and several sections titled “Miscellany,” “Connections,” “Categories,” and “Access.” Each of these sections represent a different sort of content we can provide, from organizing our regular posts to creating lists of links that we think you might like. What that means, of course, is that we’re now like every other Web site out there: we have a sidebar!

More radical is how we’ve changed how you read. Where you’re reading this now is where you’ll always see the most recent article and only the most recent article, regardless of who wrote it. If you want to follow up on your favorite hermit, then you’ll refer to the columns, below. There, each hermit has a list of his most recent articles. They’re excerpted in the column, but click in the column (we’re not sure quite where; that’s something yet to be worked out. For more on this, see below) and you’ll be taken to the whole article. You can still followup on comments attached to that article thanks to the “Comments” item in the byline.

We’re still testing a few of our new features. We’re not sure how (or whether) all of our internal-site links will work; we’re not sure how the comments will work or look; we’re unsure how the site works in some Web browsers (it should be fine in Safari, Firefox, Camino, Mozilla, and Opera. Internet Explorer is the biggest question mark); we’re undecided about the titles of our sections; the colors may undergo some revision yet; the “Three Hermits” image to your right isn’t set-in-stone as a banner. (FYI: if you want to design your own logo, all you have to do is make it 300 pixels wide by 300 pixels high; if we get several good ones, we might set them in a rotation.) If you have anything to say about the new site design, say it in a comment. We’ll add features and make changes as we see how the site works when more articles are written for it.

Finally, if you miss the old, pink hermits, do not fret. We intend to provide a near-comprehensive throwback archive.



test comment. don’t forget to push “submit” after you’ve “previewed” your comment.

i.e. for mac breaks it bad. but that’s to be expected since i.e. for mac is a half-decade old. first tests on i.e. for windows shows some differences, but nothing that breaks the site or reading. and that’s good.

what do you think of the divider between the post and the comments? too much, or just right? (that divider is supposed to be a 2nd order divider-even though it appears more often-and the one below is a 1st order divider)

what did the divider look like before the current image?

there wasn’t one.