Hermits Rock

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Why all the activity in our house, you ask? You might think it’s because the Iowa Rainforest project, Earthpark finally found a home in Pella. Another of you might think it’s because No. 1 and unbeaten Ohio State plays No. 13 and unbeaten Iowa in Kinnick stadium Saturday night and because ESPN’s bringing its traveling pep rally to to broadcast from Hubbard park. Both of you are wrong.

Mom is coming to town.



this is an event… wooohooo… a weekend filled with sex-talk with the moms… nothing beats that!

maybe it’s helpful to supply a little context?

(That said, the first few hours went fairly well. She’s been much more… relaxed than usual. Let’s hope it holds up. Maybe having her in our territory helps?)

yeah, sorry about that, after writing that i thought of coming back and deleting it… but then it was too late.

It’s not like it didn’t cross our minds.

Downtown is a tremble. The atmosphere is as electric as I’ve ever seen it: there’s a blimp flying over the stadium, and the ESPN GameDay crowd we heard from nearly three blocks away. No one was not wearing colors—except us (mom wore red—i didn’t think anything of it ‘til we were already walking and she said people were glaring at her—so anyone who saw her from a distance probably thought she was an OSU fan).

The only game I can compare this to is Iowa State, which usually sees buggies full of cousins roll in from Ames to get drunk. But this would be like that only if the kids from Ames were all wearing black and gold. There’s been no small amount of hand-wringing and set-an-exampling from our local newspaper.

And Corso picked us.

I knew there was a reason I left Iowa City. Now and then I miss things. . . ethnic food. . . bookstores. . . live music—but I never ever miss football.

I am happy to report that the visit went well. Hooray!