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Watermelon Sculpture Reenactment

I forgot to photoblog yesterday’s watermelon sculpture, so I reenacted it today by carving another, similar watermelon slice with another, similar spoon. The sacrifices I make for posterity!

Watermelon 1

Watermelon 2

Watermelon 3



I expect analysis! Analysis that is sophisticated is what I expect!

The first one is a vulva. The third one is a ghost with mouth agape. The second one is a watermelon slice with a hole in it.

Metaphors can be good instigators of analysis, but they cannot by themselves do all of the work.

Well, the difficulty of moving into analysis is that the photographs aren’t really about the watermelon sculptures in the end anyway. Unless they are about the impossibility of capturing watermelon sculptures. In all three pictures the focal point is just beyond the sculpture; except the last one, where it’s the white cross of the window panes, several feet beyond.

Equally problematic with the artist’s arrangement and staging of the sculptures, the soft pinkish red of the watermelon’s juicy flesh is not complemented in anyway by the burgundy of the pedestal.

I have very little control over what the camera focuses on.

Dude if you can’t handle the criticism don’t come begging for it.

Especially after you’ve slapped someone down who was trying to be kind by giving you the benefit of the doubt as to your actually having an imagination and something close to artistry.

And, that’s all I gotta say about that…

I don’t disagree. I was criticizing the fact that all you offered was metaanalysis, not analysis of the carved watermelon itself. Were the images in perfect focus, there would be just as much potential for criticism of the perfect focus and my choice for making it so as there is for the fuzziness. But this isn’t a photography exhibition. It’s sculpture; now praise it, dammit!


I put about as much work into analyzing the pictures as the photographer put into taking them, which seems like a fair arrangement to me.

8: Exactly the kind of effort I’d expect from the likes of you!

You all just don’t know how to appreciate an artist or his work.