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Both PBS and C-SPAN servers are ganked for inauguration watching, but NBC’s Internet upgrade for the Olympics seems to be holding up just fine. Oddly, if you go to NBC.com you get Matthews and Olberman anchoring the live feed, but from MSNBC you get Brokaw and Williams. I much prefer the gravitas of the latter.



Brian Williams just got Reggie Love and Craig Robinson confused. Does he think all black men look alike?

This speech lays out as clear a contrast to Bush Administration policies as can be.

(To which I say, thank god.)

he got harsh on the administration at times, he threw down and brushed off his shoulder!!!!

so, what do you think about 19th century landscape painting?

It’s better than sliced bread. Why do you ask?

well, it’s been a parade of americana today and lincoln allusions. certainly thomas hill is one of these… but does it speak to the hope of California, and a kinder, gentler Manifest Destiny?

Every inauguration is a parade of Americana. It’s generally just imperial pomp. (I’ve been thinking a lot about Bush’s second inaugural address today. How soaring and idealistic that speech was! How the reality of Bush’s governance fell nowhere near the idealism of his language!) But I don’t think Obama’s rhetoric or his policies share in the time-honored zeal for conquest, not even conquest by so-called “soft power.” Perhaps I trust too much in his sympathy and ability to imagine the lives of others.

i hope so too… i’m filled with hope, namely that he will be different, that this will be a change, that the “peaceful transition of power” isn’t peaceful because it’s there are no real differences between those in power but because we agree on the importance of the democratic system…