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Today, Dracula made the first move toward securing Jonathan Harker to teach in the local community college. Mr. Harker has dreamed colorful dreams of working for the Count, so congratulations are in order!



Woo hoo!

indeed, woo hoo. though, as they say, choices don’t necessarily make one happy… just really, uncomfortable, especially when having to drop the bomb at the local pub.

though, much worse, is the question… how little is your soul worth?

are free atlantic monthly subscriptions enough to keep you happy?

well, if they would publish my damn poetry maybe.

but now that i might not be perishing despite publishing, i might actually be able to return to my first love.

wait, does t know about this first love?
big congrats. hooray!

yeah, she does… she cried and cried at first, but then she realized that i’m just a latin lover

If I follow all of this, congratulations are indeed in order. So, congratulations!

thanks for the congrats all ya’ll

i still haven’t told the chair and don’t yet know how. we need to figure out is any amount of money worth staying in a super-star city wannabe, or are the more tranquil climes of middle america preferable for sanity and life and children and the pursuit of happiness.

tho, i’d love any insight into the liberal arts college world from any of ya’ll who’ve been there done that. you can, in fact, respond off-line, should you want. you know who i am and how to contact me. :)

(And if you don’t, Mr. Harker can be contacted through this link.)

Yippeeeeeeee!!! (to quote Roald Dahl, although I believe more capital letters and repetitions appear in the original).

As usual, I’m a little behind the times, but the congratulations are no less sincere.