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A former student, in the middle of a cross-country motorcycle trip after a year teaching in Seoul, stayed with us last night. It was good to see him. His arrival made this two weekends straight of visiting, which for me is an astonishing amount of contact with others. I feel like I should lock the doors and shut myself away for a few months, just for the principle of maintaining my asocial street cred…. At least I know my reputation is still strong: last weekend, when I told my family that I would in fact return for Thanksgiving, my grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins in unison gasped.



I had houseguests all last week—it was strange, but also nice, mostly.

I’m so impressed that you’re in contact with a former student. Former students of my father’s contact me all the time (okay, once a month or so), but mine have all vanished into the ether.

I believe they’re more likely to keep in touch if you were a major adviser, esp at a place like where your father taught. We were GIs when they were freshmen: why would they ever want to keep in touch with us?

SB, though, is a special case: he was in my favorite 10:3 course (it was good because it was a bunch of nontraditional students who seemed to enjoy the fact I didn’t treat them like freshmen). After class was up, he would stop by on occasion since he was an English major and in the building; we’ve kept in touch ever since.

Another former student who took a couple of classes with me is in charge of customer relations at the Co-Op and is married to the guy who challenged Janet Lyness for JC Attorney primary in 2004. I see her pretty frequently, too, but just because our paths cross.