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I haven’t read far into The Human Condition, but I’ve read far enough to realize that my post below was too hasty and our conversation about Augustine is far from over—Ar begins with Aug often, and his thinking is a very good place from which to begin with tHC—so all you slackers who’re making great promises to be on task in The Future can still make up for your earlier silences. A good summary and discussion of Confessions, Book X (I know, I know, I’ve promised one myself several times) is still in order, especially in light of Arendt’s second footnote.



well, but she’s citing the City of God!... i knew we should’ve read that.

She’s citing Confessions too.

Aww, but I already took it back to the library!

The librarian will think I’m weird if I take it out again, even though he/she is a computer.

Dude, read it online.

“The librarian will think I’m weird.” Trust me, the librarian will have no such thoughts. The librarian will probably not even remember that you checked it out before (and neither will the computer, since it erases all the information about who checked out what as soon as the books are returned).

So sayeth she who has been reading too much crap for Internet Fundamentals & Design, an irritating class in which I must jump through various hoops in order to prove I have learned things I already know.

Grouch, grouch, grouch. I’m going to go read some Arendt.

computers forget, even in England?

What about all those movies where the cowboy-rule-breakin’ FBI agents obtain records of who’s checking out controversial books? Are you telling me those movies were lying to me?

It’s a good question—would that whole Patriot Act biz have req’d librarians to keep (better?) track of the records of who checks out the books?