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Thomas Kinkade Masterpiece Homes

What the promotional materials don’t say is that Kinkade brands marks each lot personally.



we’ve had a couple of sermons on kinkade, painter of light.

i almost left the room gaging… a couple because our out-going preacher has been recycling his sermons for the past 5 years, or so.

curiously, few people mention this fact. curiously, a number of people still enjoy his soporific pablum. (i guess that last phrase could be about our preacher and about kinkade)

Two? Two?! It’s amazing that Kinkade (Painter of Light) merits one sermon, much less two!

I suppose, however, from your pastor, even that is possible. He’s quite remarkable, one must admit, in his tolerance for dreck.

oh, you’ve no idea.

they travel to the holy lands and he buys water from the jordan to annoint the baptismal pool.

he traffics in chalices bought in israel (there they would cost 5-6 hundred dollars, but tell the married couple that we will give it to them for 2… it’ll mean so much to them down the line when they celebrate their anniversaries.)

that last one i heard for the first time a week or two ago… my jaw dropped.

He sells marriage indulgences on the side? I say that’s brilliant!

yeah, it is quite the scam… and people LUV him!

i am amazed at the kind of loyalty formed by persons who rarely attend church to the people who wed them… maybe it’s because my dad performed my wedding and there’s not much you can do to make that bond stronger and all sorts of things that can make you frustrated with him, but the blind loyalty given him because he performed the wedding (a ceremony that he hasn’t changed in 40 years… down to the joke about the bride’s footwear!)

then again, i grew up in an anti-clergy church, the son of the son of ministers and missionaries

What do you think it’s really like to live in a Thomas Kinkade home? Lots of pastels, perhaps? Ample opportunities to gaze wistfully across a babbling brook?