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this goes out to greg

i would say that g doesn’t deserve this, but nobody deserves townes van zandt.

then again, none of ya’ll loosers deserve this land, even it if is yours but i give it to you anyway. (this is not townes, but sharon jones and the dap-dippers, she’s got moves like the godfather of soul and set of pipes like a funked out mahalia jackson!)

seems that much has happened around here since i’ve been gone. no doubt much more will happen before i’m on much.

i leave tomorrow for my grandmother’s memorial; she died about two weeks ago. and in classic us fashion, there will be a week of eulogizing her from east texas to northern new mexico. i won’t make the latter one, where more of my family will be, since i will be out of the country giving a paper on that interminable novel, which i did finally finish.

g, i hope k comes back soon, or that you go to her soon.

i am so far up the walls of the ivory tower that i’d forgotten that the world spins madly on… it stinks in here and you sometimes don’t see the light of day

oh, yeah, politics



K actually got back Tuesday. Thanks for the wishes, though—and sorry about your grandmother. The same grandmother of your poem?

what? nobody’s gonna give it up for the really good music that i brought into your lives???

i know, i know, the weepies can be a little bland…but it’s a catchy tune…

and, you know that Woodie cries in heaven every time he hears SJ and Dap boys cover his song… oh, it makes you wanna dance!

Sorry. I haven’t had time yet to listen to the music, but on principle alone I wholly approve of Townes. What a great songwriter he is!

just goes to show you, you aren’t worth van zandt and you certainly aren’t worth sharon jones’s cover of this land is your land!

however, promise me that you will at least play this land is your land as the last thing you do today.

I’ll go you one better and listen before the last thing I do.

“This land” is nice!

I mean, actually it’s not nice, in the sense that nice means “harmless.” It’s pointed, and very good.

yeah, i like the way that they’ve taken some of the places and updated them…

and, i assumed the nice is with an extralong i…

if not, we gonna hafta throw down.