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Things to do before we leave Georgia

It doesn’t look like we will sell our house before we leave, so it looks like we will be here until the end of July. But, I could just be down.

If we had weekends free, that is weekends where we didn’t have to be here to do open houses, here is a list of sites we’d see before leaving Dixie.

Places that need no explanation…

Some refreshing…

Last but not least…

  • Lake Strom Thurmond (Who Knew!?!?!… and the boy was still alive when they named it after him!!!)



I bet you would sell your house sooner if you held more group sex parties there.

greg, were you not invited to their last one?
i think present-day lexington is more dixie than present-day atlanta is. but i don’t live there (only drop in for the parties).

indeed, present day lexington is probably more dixie than present day atlanta.

boy! there is just a whole lotta stuff about atlanta that i’m gonna miss!!!