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things i try to avoid


posting about harding…

but i will break one of these today. It really has everything to do with the corrupting influence of other people’s blogs.

The firebreathing Zell Miller, who accused mush-mouthed Kerry of flipflopping, yet is the the only person ever to have been the keynote speaker in both the Republican and Democratic national conventions

brings the American Studies Institute Distinguished Lecture Series to a close April 27 at 7:30 p.m. in Harding University’s Benson Auditorium.

The press release celebrating his public service announces…

A tax-cutting governor from 1991-1999, he created a scholarship program that has provided free in-state college tuition since 1993 for every Georgia high school graduate with a 3.0 average, as well as a voluntary statewide prekindergarten program for all four-year-olds.

The Los Angeles Times called Miller’s HOPE Scholarship Program “the most far-reaching scholarship program in the nation.” His prekindergarten program won an award for innovation from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

What it does not say about this contributor on Fox News is that he did this THROUGH GAMBLING and not through tax-cuts.

And, though I benefit from the HOPE, it fills my classrooms with students, should we really celebrate this tax-cutting, education-friendly governor?



At least, at the very least, our little constituency was able to effect the disinvitation of Coulter. Zell Miller may be a moonbat, but he is a small price to pay for avoiding the goblin queen.

c’est vrai, c’est vrai

a shout out to GKB your comment function is dumping my comments into your spam folder… not that i blame it in any way… and not that you have to post them (especially not the ones that repeat this post)

My bad…

Perhaps your IP and my SpamFilter used to go out, and then they had a bad break up, and now my SpamFilter tries to make life as miserable as possible by sending all your comments into its spam bin. They can be petty like that sometimes.

I will work on a solution. And by “work on” I mean sit back and just keep recovering them until something happens…

i think you might be right…

or, i am definitely a spammer… or so it might think with the amount of visiting and commenting i’ve been doing over the past 3 days.

so, i’ve come across my first real case of plagiarism. the crazy thing about it, half the essay is done right and half is plagiarized. she analyzes it and even cites secondary sources and she does this correctly. however, the three paragraph synopsis is lifted from an online synopsis. he’s changed minor details. she’s condensed a few sentences and he’s added in parenthetical information that’s not in the original synopsis, but it’s all, practically word for word, except the parentheticals, copied right off the internets.

he/she is a dean’s list student… who needed only to get a C on this final paper to still get an A in the class.

Maybe (s)he just has a “photographic memory” and “internalized” it from something she read earlier and “genuinely believed each word was his/her own.”

wow, this is your first case of plagiarism? am i just (un)lucky in having discovered it in almost every class prior to this one?

yeah, i was bombarded with plagiarisms in the last course i taught at the university: two confirmed cases and one unconfirmed. i’m sorry to hear about it, though. it always feels terrible to have it happen. i guess you probably get hardened to it, though, after a while.

I had plagiarists, too, and they were never easy to confront, but doing so is necessary. So buck up. This one won’t be your last.

What’s shocking to me is how badly they perpetrate it. Why not steal from an old textbook or commentary that’s not full-text searchable? It’s much sneakier, and is what the professional plagiarists do (those who aren’t making up their own notes à la Philip Glass, that is).