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They never report the good news

Sunday’s Cedar Rapids Gazette revealed its liberal bias against the goings on in Oelwein, Iowa, with its reporting on the town’s “doom and gloom” ceremony. “Some Oelwein residents,” the story begins,

spent Friday night burying bad thoughts by holding a “Bury the Doom and Gloom” ceremony to get rid of negative thoughts some have had about the town, which has faced hard economic times.

The funeral procession went through downtown said Andrea Detweiler of the Oelwein Chamber and Development. At the head was a horse-drawn hearse and casket, containing notes with negative statements about the town.

A mock funeral was then held at the park to bury the bad attitudes, followed by a street dance to celebrate Oelwein’s positive aspects.

If the Gazette had really wanted to show Oelwein in a good light, it would have led with the street dance, but instead it buried that ray of hope at the end of the third paragraph. Meanwhile, there were plenty of other reasons to think there are signs of progress in Oelwein. Just one look at the photo of Oelwein on the Chamber and Development’s website (right) shows that the entire downtown area relies wholly on horseless carriages and even has the necessary infrastructure for gas or electric lighting, perhaps both. Sure, the tree is scrawny, but so long as it’s not an oak and they don’t spray acetochlor on the fields when it’s leafing, it will grow with time. Meanwhile, the website reveals that Oelwein has a “high quality of life,” so why all the negativity from the press? The reason comes in the story’s last paragraph:

Organizers said the event was planned after meetings with University of Northern Iowa‘s Institute for Decision Making. (my emphasis)

Don’t say you didn’t see it coming. Liberal academics (parasites in America’s small intestine) from the University of Northern Iowa caused the bad news. This collusion between liberal the liberal institutions of education and the media must stop, America! Things are just fine in Oelwein. It’s media outlets like the Cedar Rapids Gazette that perpetuate lies of doom and gloom. Progress has been made, and will continue to be made—but don’t expect the MSM to say anything about it.



I know you know it’s true.

See, now I would think that any town creative enough to pull off a Digger-style funeral (even if it’s just for bad thoughts and not for money) is doing just fine. But, being a product of not one but now three liberal arts institutions, what would I know?

Are we to take that to mean you’re a real degree-holding librarian now? If so, congratulations!

Well, I don’t get the diploma till August, but unless something is horribly awry with my last paper, yes, I have finished the requirements for my latest (and I hope last0 set of expensive initials.