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They Be Stealin’ My Pie!

I was told that I didn’t get the latest job because 1) a Puerto Rican with a PhD applied, and 2) I didn’t have enough Master’s degrees. Both points are more annoying than upsetting since my place of employ is indeed soul-sucking. The money was tempting, but I have no great desire to stay no matter how much I’m paid; therefore, onward and upward with the apps!

Meanwhile, a point: When my current boss learned I had applied elsewhere, she said she would be seeking a promotion for me in order to keep me in place. This I revealed to my interviewers in the hope that they might act faster; that may have backfired. I can imagine them using my impending promotion as a justification to spread the wealth—Puerto Rican PhD and multi-Master’s man notwithstanding. (I didn’t reveal my doubt, thanks to things beyond my boss’s control, that the promotion is realistic.) I must learn to keep such things closer to the vest.



I didn’t have enough Master’s degrees

Multiple master’s degrees are the new bachelor’s degree.

Actually, in some sectors that’s not far from the truth.

As the holder of multiple masters degrees (one of them terminal!), I would say that they are more often a detriment when applying for jobs—either you’re too well-educated or you’re not qualified enough.

Bizarrely, I had a much easier time finding a real full-time job in a library than I ever did finding a part-time paraprofessional position.

I heard rumors early on, and those rumors are persisting: 1) The Puerto Rican is “problematic”; 2) Mr. Multiple M.A. has been inordinately absentee due to illness. Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

(Note: I do not cackle at Multiple M.A.‘s sickness; I rather cackle at the department’s woes! The difference is minuscule, but it represents justice!)

as the grandson of a Puerto Rican, and the best friend of many a Puerto Rican, I can vouch that most Puerto Rican are nothing but Trouble, which begins with T and rhymes with P