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The Publican Party

As petty as this “Democrat Party” business is, it’s not without its history. That it has always been a childish, even vicious swipe makes it that much more irresponsible when someone in as dignified an office as that of president makes it a habit. As pervasive as it is, it’s enough that it’s done and that its intent is vicious. So while it’s good to know the tic’s origins, shrugging your shoulders and questioning its point only shoves aside the salient points: that it’s a slur; that it’s in bad faith; and that, until such a tic is abandoned wholesale by politicians—hacks are always another matter—comity is impossible. Moreover, because they are attacks, ignoring them or explaining them away will always be interpreted as weakness. What is needed is a reply in kind that makes its point subtly, firmly, and moreover undercuts their identities as ideologues: “Publican Party,” used often enough, should do the trick. It might even sell a few new dictionaries.

Update (20 minutes later): There’s no way I could have been the first to think of that. Harry Truman had me beat by a few decades, and there’s plenty enough other people following suit. (Ignore the ones from Scotland; there actually is a Publican Party there.) It won’t teach me to do my research before I open my mouth, but it should.



It was more than a little tacky saying it in the state of the union, wasn’t it?

Given GWB’s unique linguistic abilities however, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on it.

Given GWB’s tendency to act like frat boy, I’m not.

Since we’re talking about tendencies and mental abilities of his royal highness, I found this kind of fun to read.