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The European Primaries

CJR‘s Campaign Desk has an interesting post today about widespread interest in the U.S. elections in Europe. I had heard about the Italian Democratic Party’s slogan being “Si Puo Fare,” but I had no idea the Dutch were also glued to their Internets. O readers of Turkish and residents of Cyprus, how has U.S. campaign coverage affected you?



I sure have been hearing a lot about it on the BBC.

And you live in Iowa! I haven’t listened to As It Happens in a while, but if it is representative of Canadian news, then they too have more than a passing interest.

I do get asked about the primaries from time to time, and end up giving way more information than the person wanted. I don’t check the Turkish news media as much as I used to, so I don’t have a sense of how they’re covering it. Every now and then B will ask me something about it, prompted by something she read in a Turkish newspaper. Then I end up giving her more information than she wanted.

The Guardian has been covering it extensively. And they’re quite good, actually. They tend to filter out most of the horseshit.