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Great. Now what motivation do I have to finish the analysis of Mitt Romney’s empty “Faith in America” speech that I started writing two weeks ago?




It will make little difference to the author who is researching American political commentary/activism on blogs in the early 21st century for his essay in the special annual edition of The Atlantic, year 2142 that you hit publish a few days after Romney left. In their eyes, he was always a loser.

In their eyes lasers, they won’t look twice at this blog when it has so many betters.

Ok, maybe not for an Atlantic essay, but for a dissertation?

If they’re a sloppy researcher, they might not even notice it’s out of date.

What better motivation is there than to kick a man when he’s down? Pile on, I say.

4 deserves a shout out.

Then again, the dude is quitting to ensure that the US doesn’t ‘surrender to terror’. He kinda deserves it.

And I’m sure his dog would approve….