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Switching Mail from POP to IMAP Protocols

Requires a lot of rethinking how to organize mail. In the end, it will be good, but it’s pretty obnoxious right now trying to get everything to sort and display the way I want. (And what good is a computer if it doesn’t do things the way I want?)



Well, it’s a good exercise in contorting your brain to understand how other people’s brains work. I made the POP to IMAP switch about four years ago and have come to love it.

It breaks some of the links between messages, so, for example, I can’t have Mail create a smart mailbox that lists all of the messages I have not yet replied to. And the way that Gmail treats its inbox/all mail boxes can throw off “unread” marks. But after a bunch of hours rejiggering my folders this weekend, it seems to be smoothing out.