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Standing in the Way of Control

Since last time I wrote about The Gossip, the band’s been making a good reputation in punk and GLBTQ music circles, both because this song’s a kickass anthem and because Beth Ditto’s awesome.



while we were in the uk, the gossip played glastonbury (a big outdoor muddy english music festival) and were supposed to have been shown on the BBC’s ten zillion hours of coverage of that festival. (you can prob find video of it on the bbc’s website.) they were on the cover of the manchester evening news’s weekend section this weekend, and on sunday night (our first night back in the states), they were headlining part of the indie rock part of the manchester international festival. they seem to be bigger in the uk than they are here, and they continue to rail against the stifling fundamentalism of their arkansas upbringing.

The impression I’ve gotten while idly using the Google supports your observations. Although I didn’t see anything about their upbringing in recent coverage, I didn’t read anything very carefully. Ditto’s been criticizing Angelina Jolie for not being bisexual enough, which is both ridiculous—as if Brangelina really cares what a fad thinks!—and awesome—for the chutzpah!

Oh, and welcome back!

My reaction to this band is something like my reaction to my first cigarette: At first, I thought, “Ehh, it’s kind of cool. I can take it or leave it though.” A few days later it was pulling me inexorably back, for reasons I can hardly put into words.

Also: they are some of the sexiest people I have ever seen. Again, I can’t quite explain why I think this. On paper, they certainly do not seem to be sexy at all.

3: Indeed!

Beth shocked fans at a recent concert by flashing her vagina.

The ‘Standing in the Way of Control’ singer – famed for showing off her ample curves – hitched her skirt up, pulled down her underwear and threw her pants into the stunned crowd at a festival last week.

One member of the audience said: “Beth had been putting on an incredible show, and was dancing around the stage when she seemed to get carried away in the moment. She pulled her dress up and quickly took down her panties before hurling them into the throng of fans.”