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So Yo! All Y'all!

Check it. This weekend’s your last official chance not to write anything about Augustine. That’s not to say you can’t write later—the door’s open and we’ll be happy to chat, and before we skedaddle from Aug, I’d like to see (I’d like to write) some meditation of any of those last three chapters. Meanwhile, it’s time we moved on to The Human Condition.

However, since I’ll be moving (in a different sense) this coming week, I won’t be adding much at first, but watch out! I’ll be coming on strong come the second week of August! Shoot to finish HC by August 20. Write, or don’t, about the book in the meantime.



In the last two weeks, I have never at any point been in a room cooler than 78 degrees or so. I gaze at your post with something only approaching comprehension, and I write this comment with the aim of expressing somethi…what was it I wanted to say, anyway?

Wait, we were supposed to be reading a book? There’s another one??

JH is full of hot air!

Are you working in a warehouse this summer? If so, my condolences. Did that shit once. It ate my eyeballs out.

Yes, and soon enough, beer as well!

I’m working 8am-12pm as a janitor, but in an open area type place where I’m usually under the sun. In the evenings it’s as a dishwasher.

These wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s the fact that virtually noone has air conditioning here, so there’s no escaping the heat. It follows you inside. You rest in it. You sleep in it. You perpetually sweat. It really does affect your brain after a while.

We do not have AC at home. I work in it, though. When K is at home, not working in it, she gets grumpy about noon.

Yeah, I can certainly understand her frustration. Midday is the worst part. By the time you’ve come home from work it’s probably cooled down a bit. That’s prime sitting-on-the-porch-drinking-ice-tea time.

That is, unless your porch…

It is very hot here, but it was quite cool in my hotel room in Idaho, where I got quite a bit of this book read. It went much easier when it was my only real option (not wanting to put adult movies on my business credit card, or watch the weird sort of crap on the hotel television).

Which, Confessions or HC? If Confessions, do tell! If HC, do tell!

i will have more to say about augie… not this weekend, though. as we are off on wednesday to new mexico and i’m trying to make mucho headway on an article. plus, i kept hoping that another “honorary” hermit would have something to say… (yes, i am a passive aggressive jewish mother who, always is right and arrogant about it, and now am trying to guilt the silent into writing)

JH has no comments to make here, because he’s too busy taking on biblical translators and the proper and true translation of an obscure passage in exodus… (follow link above…two or three comments above the one linked to…to see him busting out his rusty hebrew!)

good thing they aren’t referencing psalms which ever it is about knitted me in the womb and whatnot.

I didn’t want to claim so quickly the mantle of “honorary” hermit so I remained silent. (I was pointing to myself and silently mouthing “me? me?”)

I too wanted to comment further on Augie. I am now free of physical labor, after working a final 13 hour day yesterday, so I swear I will make a better effort on Arendt.

If you are impressed by my rusty Hebrew, just watch the thread, you are about to see me bust out some comparative studies with the code of Hammurabi. I am about to make all my opponents look like asses. :)

what i found bizarre, and i should’ve said this rather than my more "peaceable" response, was that all of the sudden po-mo reared it’s ugly head. i mean, does that guy really believe in the relativism that he was implying… that because this or that reading might not jive with his politically motivated, religiously conservative reading of scripture, he can toss out the proper meaning of the word?

he would never say hey! it’s po-mo boys, should one question john 1:1-21

Yeah, I thought the same thing. I am rather unimpressed with these conservatives suddenly crying, “Be humble with scripture, different opinions are possible!” Haven’t these people made a radical life decision by believing in the Christian story? Don’t they believe in some interpretations strongly enough to base their lives on them? Do they believe all of that Christian story can be understood differently in equally valid ways??

The idea that God may be “pro-choice” is simply too much for some. It shows beautifully (and maddeningly) the degree to which Christianity is often boiled down to a few key talking points.

Because you did your own translations, JH, I declare you have made yourself an expert. Ergo, clearly untrustworthy. Fie. That said, you really ought to read Paul Ricoeur.

And if you guys haven’t started yet, Arendt’s good. I’m already appreciating, though not enough to write anything more than what I’ve already said.

Oh but I gave reference to another translation, didn’t I? :)

My only contact with Ricoeur was through Bill Lambert’s Principles of Biblical Interpretation class at HU. I daresay, “Dr.” Lambert is one of the worst teachers at HU, and that is really, really saying something. Even so, Ricoeur has long been on my things-I-must-one-day-read list.

I am a very bad honorary Hermit, and I admit it. I was thrown off track completely by the ALA conference, and then by the piles of work to catch up on when I returned, and now busy with my summer class, and other than that, well, I’ve been busy sinning. Oh, and making completely frivolous posts on Vox. If any Hermits or honorary Hermits would like an invitation, please let me know at lauracrossett at hailmail dot net.

I may have some final comments on Augustine, and I promise to try to do better with Arendt.