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So, like

What are you doing this weekend?



Sorry. I don’t mean to ask and not give. I’m doing about four things at once. We’ll be apt-hunting online and going to see Nickel Creek, who’re playing for free Sat nite at the IC Arts festival. IC in summer is divine.

Commenting on blogs in order to avoid deeply unpleasant cramming. Oh please please bloggers give me more distractions, more excuses not to do the work I so much need to do. I’m so desperate right now I might just end up putting something inflammatory on kb.net, by the end of the night.

Oh, dang. I have to do laundry, else I’d supply you with the right kind of inflammation you need. Instead, I’ll just tell you that tomorrow we’re going to see “Whaddya Know.”

so i just sat on a defense.
also, i just helped a sudanese refugee learn how to search for books and articles from online library databases. and, we talked about wwII

tomorow is the zoo and cramming for the class on revelation…

what is your connection w/sudanese refugees? you are always chatting with them, feeding them, etc. are you some sort of secret ambassador to darfur?
we took rose to see my parents AND the zoo this weekend. what could be better? and her favorite animals (from among pandas and polar bears and penguins and all kinds of exotic creatures) were…ducks. just like the ones we see in our backyard occasionally.

evie looooves ducks… but she only half says it. that's precisely why she loves them so much... yet, she dosen't love them as much as doggies.

at the zoo she really liked the flamingoes. i suspect she likes the flamingoes because they are the first thing we see when we go into the zoo.

there truly is nothing like a grandparent fix.

5 years ago, or so, we helped about 5 or 6 sudanese boys get established in the area… at the time hundreds were dropped in the atlanta area. since then, a number have moved on to other cities, some have stayed. one, in particular, has stayed and is working towards finishing college requirements at one of the community colleges. he is the one that dropped by. and now that they are established, we only see each other infrequently.

my first dissertation defense was fun… though strange to be on the committee with someone who had been on mine. it was a really nice dissertation.

i, too, like ducks such as those mallards who nest in the creek behind our house. It makes me happy that Rose, Evie, and I have something in common.

I did a project for advanced biology in high school that consisted of counting the ducks along about eight miles of the Iowa River. I am somewhat less fond of ducks than I once was. The woman who lives across the street from me has ducks, cats, a dog, and a potbellied pig.

J, I’m so impressed that not only do you search library databases yourself, but you teach others! A librarian’s dream. . . . I only hope your online catalog is not quite as sucky as ours.

I have spent most of the weekend recovering from a two-day statewide library meeting held earlier this week. Actually, I’m mostly just recovering from having to listen to a marketing guy from A Large Library Vendor talk for an hour. Among other things, he talked about this great plan they have which essentially entails a) recruiting a bunch of librarians and teachers to do work for them for free, b) repackaging the results of that work, and c) selling those packages to us, at a profit. When I picture hell, it is generally filled with these people.

Today, however, I am going to brunch (not quite an eternal morning in a donut shop, but sort of close) at the Spoke, then to church, where a small baby and her mom are both getting baptized, and then who knows. Oh, and I have a date to watch Easy Money tonight.

Oh, and flamingoes were my favorite birds in Peterson’s Field Guide to the Birds when I was about Evie’s age. I think I mostly liked them because they were pink. And sometimes we got to see them in Florida when visiting my great grandmother.

A date? A date! Who with? Spill, L!

(Oh yeah, and all that other stuff you said is cool too. Especially since you have added to the collection of hells .)

It will undoubtedly sadden you all to know that I am not dating the chocolatier (though he’s a nice guy, and I did buy some truffles from him today). Instead, I was asked to a dinner party a couple of months ago by the local painter/hanger of sheetrock/Latin autodidact/gadfly, and we have, in the local parlance, been keeping serious company since then.

well, how can you say no to a gadfly… don’t they pester until you surrender?

Especially gadflies who pester in Latin. They don’t just conjugate, they conjugate with charm!

As important as is Mr. Sheetrock, though, what’s more important is how L has become the librarian vixen of Wyoming. Or, put another way,


Rock on, L!