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So anyway

I’m caucusing for Obama, bitches. I don’t have time to get into it now, but I will say that, while I do think he’s relying on some crucial ambiguity in the term when he promises change, the change he can deliver is very real, akin to what this guy accomplished in Chicago. It is my sincerest hope that, by the time your chance to vote comes around, I will have essentially disenfranchised you.1

1 In fact, my dream ticket has Edwards running as Veep. I want, want, want, want, way deep down in the insides of me, a southern white boy to be second fiddle to a black man on a Democratic ticket. That would be Oh! So! Symbolically! Delicious! And the greatest repudiation of Ronald Reagan ever.


don’t you think that an Edwards/Dodd ticket with Richardson as Chief of Staff would be a much better ticket. i mean, richardson has the administrative stuff down… and the Edwards/Dodd grouping the most integrity

of course, for various reasons that would never happen.

the country’s not ready for a anglo surnamed hispanic as chief of staff


I hope you swell the ranks with political magic.

I would like to see more of Chris Dodd, but I don’t know if I care that he’s in the executive branch.

3: I’ll probably just swell the ranks with virus, given the amount I’ve been coughing the last two days.

G will have the camera at the ready…Our secret processes will be REVEALED to the world!

Good luck.

Which precinct and county?

Got back about 45 minutes ago, but only just got online. Precinct 17 in Iowa City. I’ll write up a report in a few.

I spent caucus night with The Future, as the politicos like to call small children. One of The Future, at any rate. We practiced pre-literacy skills. I sang “Draft Dodger’s Rag.”

I am well on my way to becoming the most disenfranchised voter in America, so if there are any candidates left by the time we get to my state, I’ll get to vote for whomever I want. My mother liked to write in Adlai Stevenson, after he died, since, after all, it never says you have to be alive to be president.

That’s a bright Future you spent caucus night with! Did she dance for you?

No, no dancing, sadly. But we did not want for entertainment.

You read Bread, Bread, Bread, I hope!

i will have to get this for evita’s 3rd!

We did not read Bread, Bread, Bread! I did not even see it! This is a tragic oversight that I hope to remedy, although it may be another year before I am able.

A few weeks ago, Bread, Bread, Bread was a favorite. I fear the Future may be fickle.

Well, The Future does own an extensive library, so I’m sure it was down there in the pile somewhere…Personally, I believe the book is overstimulating. Imagine my surprise at be tackled to the floor by a 15-month-old child screaming “Bread, Bread, Bread!” in my face. Quite disturbing.

And it’s really about bread. Real photos and everything.