Hermits Rock

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Plus, dudes! I’m on facebook now—as Hermit Greg!

I can’t find you on there. Search me out and do a friend request. I’m so lonely.

I found your longhaired self and befriended you.

ur in my profile, lookin at my life

It’s all britishy. Ewwww!

Don’t be hatin’.

im kiddn! LOL!

okay little skool girlz stop the giddy inanity!

ur jus jealus, dont u want 2be on fb and spy on ur studentz???

kewl!!1 im in ur fb, steelin ur friendz! LOL!


ah, my young grasshopper, you forget the kinds of gifts i’ve received from my students and the reason i’ve concealed myself even more.

I am also on FB. All my friends are librarians, except for my friend the seminarian, and now our dear Hermit Greg and KL. I can has other friendz now.

Laura in da fb haus!

So phiLOLsophers needs some women—Arendt, anyone? Or Sontag?—and Heidegger.

Oh, and just so you know, there are also lolbrarians-- though I think much of the humor may be lost on those not familiar with the peculiarities of classification and ALA politics.