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Sick House

K has been out of commission since Friday thanks to a double-whammy of the flu and conjunctivitis. With the phlegmy chest and swollen eyes, she has been miserable, so I am home from work this morning to take her to the clinic.

Relatedly, I always thought conjunctivitis was just some disease that made your eyes pink, and other than the infectiousness, I wondered why it was such a big deal that people really had to stay home from school when they had it. But I know better now: Damn, that stuff is gross! She has gone through several trees’ worth of Kleenex (thanks for cutting down our forests, Kimberly-Clark!) just wiping the gunk from her eyes.

Anyway, wish her some good health, will ya?



Ugh, that is teh suck. Get well soon, k.

hope it heals soon. there’s a great book by jose saramago called blindness in which one of the main characters has conjunctivitis (along with blindness, so hey, things could be worse)…

Thanks for the well wishes. Yes, it’s always good to keep some perspective…I told G the other day that I felt like the most disgusting person in the world, and he said “You could have gangrene.”

So, are we to believe that you G, have never gotten conjunctivitis?

lice and conjunctivitis are staple childhood illnesses in latin america… are they not here as well?

may your eyes heal quickly…

Only the viral c’vitis, which K caught from me and which cleared up in a couple of days. I did have lice once.

Oh, do feel better soon, K! I had a semi-chronic conjunctivitis at one point when I was a kid, and it’s just miserable. And flu is no good either. Tell G. he should be waiting on you hand and foot!

Thanks…You know it’s bad when even the nurse and doctor look shocked. I’m feeling much better today; the antibiotics are working wonders. The only unfortunate thing is having to go back to work!