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Injecting NyQuil into my veins at night and ingesting WalGreen’s Cold & Sinus every chance I get is the consequence of the cold I came home from Arkansas with. The trip was fun: we saw lots of family and visited the Clinton Library (which, incidentally, with its prominent cantilever wing, reminds me of the new art building at the University of Iowa). Much of the gossip I gathered is more of the same: mom’s husband’s an infant; my cousins are either lovesick or run ragged by children; the war affects my extended family harder than I knew (in part because the Arkansas National Guard has shouldered a significant combat burden in this war, I have multiple distant cousins currently in Iraq or with plans to go there in January).

In convalescence, I’ve watched two of the Bourne movies, which are pretty good for action flicks.



Geçmis olsun.

The Bourne movies are pretty good. I’ve seen the 1st and 3rd one. Bill O’Reily and Mickey Kaus think they’re unAmerican, so they can’t be all bad.

Yeah, I can see how they might see it that way: Bourne abandons his “patriotic duty” to do what he’s told by his country and withdraws into the anonymous world, only to return to do battle against his country (although in fact he’s just battling the corrupt people in the CIA, not the good ones). It’s iconoclastic, really, in which Bourne:Rambo::Huck Finn:Tom Sawyer.

It’s probably more that the CIA are the bad guys…In the second one, a CIA character is introduced who seems to want to do the right thing, but she’s the only one like that in the upper echelon, so…The U.S. doesn’t appear to be doing anything in the world except assassinating annoying heads of state and turning on their own operatives.