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Sex You Up

Thanks to Laura, I have a new favorite pastime: plug bloggers into the Gender Genie, a years-old magic page that tells me (with numbers!) how much of a woman they are without the bother of actually asking. So, for example, when I submit JH’s love letter to Ann Coulter to the Gender Genie, it tells me he’s a chick by 100 points. Here are the scores of other bloggers of both more and less distinction:

Blogger Text Gender Point Differential
GKB Hating on house church Dude 197
Matthew Yglesias Hating on liberals’ domestic policy hopes Dude 611
Caleb Crain Dashing the hopes of the New Republic against a wall of data Dude 598
Lizardbreath On how hippies are good indicators of the right way to think of things Chick 331
Ogged Giving unsolicited advice about weight loss Chick 300
Unfogged Last week Dude 2539
Mona Hating on Dinesh D’Souza Dude 36
JTB On a creationist paleontologist Chick 49
The TAPPED collective March 2007 to-date Dude 27257
The Corner Today’s front page Dude 1794
Scott Eric Kaufman Being somewhat supportive of n+1’s wanking on litblogs Dude 773
ME On Bong hits 4 Jesus Dude 210
Kris On purity balls Chick 84
Belle Waring Kicking pseudofeminist ass and taking names Dude 351


Okay, but my post on Doctor Who and the posthuman is “male.” Just to set the record straight.

and since I know you’ll clean up the link for me, here it is:


bummer! that link doesn’t go to my results. you’ll have to do the test again yourself.

Yeah, it doesn’t link to results, unfortunately—if it did, I’d be doing this all the time.

For the record, your score on Dr. Who was Dude, with a point differential of 1202, which is super!